Two Tips To Follow if You’ll Be Having Your Premises Professionally Cleaned Instead of Cleaning Them Yourself

If you've reached a point where you can no longer find the time to clean your own business premises and have made the sensible decision to enlist the help of a commercial cleaning services provider instead, you might find these tips useful.  

Show them where the messiest areas with the highest foot traffic are located

If you've been cleaning your own premises for quite a while, then you'll already know which parts of it get messy quickly and get a lot of foot traffic. If so, you should pass this information on to the cleaner before they start. Although they'll work this out over time themselves, telling them this will mean that, for example, they won't spend their first shift carefully cleaning a corridor on your premises that is hardly ever used and will instead spend more of their time focusing on mopping your premises foyer, which gets the most foot traffic and can get dirty quite rapidly.

Showing them your premises' high traffic areas will also ensure that they use the correct products when cleaning them. For example, they might use a quick-drying floor cleaner in these areas so that people don't slip on the wet floors when they use them shortly after the cleaner has mopped them.

Let them clean the premises in their own way

During the period when you cleaned your premises yourself, you probably developed a cleaning routine that you felt was effective. It's unlikely that the commercial cleaner will clean the property in the exact same way that you did. Because of this, you might feel the urge to tell them to follow your old routine. However, unless there is a specific reason why you need them to do a cleaning task in a certain way (for example, if you need them to use unscented cleaning spray on the reception desk because your receptionist is allergic to artificial fragrances), you should let them develop their own cleaning routine and trust that they'll deliver the results you want.

You'll be amazed at the level of cleanliness a detail-orientated and experienced commercial cleaner can achieve, even in the busiest, most unclean areas of your premises. However, this is only true if you allow them to do things their own way. If you insist that they do every task the way that you used to do it, when your methods are not the most optimal ones for achieving the high levels of cleanliness you want, the cleaner won't be able to impress you as much as they would have, if you had just let them form their own routine. If for example, you make them soak the microwave glass plate for an hour in hot water to remove dried food, but they have a cleaning spray that will remove this food in minutes, then you should give their approach a chance.

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