Four Fundamental Tips for Preparing for Hardwood Floor Polishing

Polishing hardwood floors restores the natural appeal of the material by eliminating flaws such as minute scratches. The process also adds a beautiful sheen and enhances the colour and grain of the wood. Additionally, the coating will prevent the settling of stains and other damaging elements into the porous surface. If you are interested in polishing your floors as part of your commercial space maintenance, use these guidelines for effective preparation for the project.

Choose the Polish

The type of polish selected for hardwood floor maintenance will influence the appearance and performance of the surface. Therefore, evaluate the products accessible to you and compare their benefits before purchase. A good polish should have protective properties, especially against moisture. The material should also not leave unfavourable residues on the surfaces. If possible, opt for a product with minimal volatile chemicals and purchase greener alternatives. Additionally, review consumer feedback on the range of available polishes.

Consider the Floor Area

The total surface area of the commercial flooring will determine the quantity of polish required for the maintenance work. Usually, timber polish manufacturers will provide information on the total surface that a specific amount of their product will cover. Check the details on your preferred product and calculate the volumetric requirements. Acquiring less polish and spreading it thinly over the floors can be a tempting approach to reducing total costs. Regrettably, this practice will not provide adequate protection, and you will need to polish the floors more frequently.

Clean the Surface

Cleaning the commercial floors is essential when planning for polishing. The quality of polishing will improve with the cleanliness of the hardwood surfaces. If the floor is dusty, the polish will combine with the particles to form a dirty mess. The grime could damage the floors and cause discolouration. Moreover, you will not achieve the desired sheen. Therefore, wash the commercial surfaces with a wood-compatible agent and water. Additionally, wipe off residues with a microfiber mop or cloth.

Check the Guidelines

You should check the guidelines provided by the manufacturer for polishing your hardwood floors. Proper usage of the commercial product will improve the results and reduce the risk of surface damage. The most favourable approach involves testing the product on a concealed part of the timber floor. Ensure that there are no adverse effects on your surface before polishing the rest of the space.

Polishing hardwood floors is a challenging and time-consuming process. If you are not sure about the right approach for the task, consult a professional flooring service about floor polishers

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