Essential Tips for Cleaning an Area Rug Correctly

Area rugs are essential additions to a house because they add warmth and coziness. Besides, they are an integral part of interior décor. Notably, area rugs are usually installed in high traffic areas, meaning that they are exposed to dirt throughout the day. As such, area rugs need regular cleaning to ensure durability. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not know what it takes to properly clean area rugs. If you do not clean area rugs appropriately, their condition will deteriorate fast. This post highlights essential tips for cleaning an area rug correctly.

Test for Colourfastness

Area rugs are relatively small; therefore, you do not want to risk cleaning your mat before testing it for colourfastness. Some cleaning detergents have bleach as a part of the ingredients, which means they can discolour fabric. As such, you must first test the furthest corner of an area rug to establish whether the colours run. To do it, choose a corner and apply a cleaning detergent. Rinse the section off and watch for signs of loose colour. If nothing happens, go ahead and use the detergent. However, if you notice the spot losing colour, you need to talk to your supplier and ask them for an alternative detergent.

Clean Deep Into Fibres

If you want to clean your area rug like a pro, you need to stop judging its cleanliness by how spotless it looks. Spotless rugs might appear clean, but they could harbour fleas from your dog and other debris embedded deep in the fibres. Superficial cleanliness often results from light scrubbing, which does not eliminate all dirt, urine, fur, and other debris. Therefore, the best way to clean an area rug is to go deep into the fibres using a sponge or a brush. Scrub a detergent deep until you see your rug's suds. It might need a little bit of elbow grease, but the effort will not disappoint you.

Remove Excess Water

Most homeowners think that the only way to remove water from an area rug is through a dryer. While dryers are excellent machines for removing excess moisture from rugs, they are not the only solution. Do not try to wring a rug and expect it to dry well in the shortest time possible. You risk returning an area rug inside the house while still wet if you do not remove excess moisture. Notably, it is the last thing you need because wet rugs are breeding grounds for mould. The good news is that you can use a window squeegee if you do not have a dryer. Just make sure you press the rubber-edged blade firmly on a rug and push away as much water as possible. This way, your area rug will take a shorter time to dry.

Contact a rug cleaning service if you need help.

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