Two signs of a great cleaning company

If you're trying to decide which cleaning company's services you should use, here are a couple of signs that the one you're considering would be a great choice.

They are able to anticipate your needs

A really fantastic cleaning company won't just do the cleaning you tell them to do; instead, they'll anticipate your needs ahead of time and aim to meet these needs if they can. For example, if you mention to a cleaning company that you've just had a baby, they may offer to have their cleaner dust the nursery extra thoroughly and use unscented cleaning products, as both dust and chemical scents may irritate your newborn's delicate lungs and sinuses.

They might also ensure that the cleaner they send works particularly quietly and uses headphones if they want to listen to music whilst they work; this will mean they don't wake you newborn whilst they're cleaning (an error which could result in you having to deal with a wailing baby).

This will mean that you won't have to endure a cleaning session which, for example, results in your baby sneezing or coughing for ages as a result of inhaling lots of scented cleaning spray. This, in turn, will mean that you won't have to complain about this matter and can instead simply enjoy the results of the cleaner's hard work.

They'll aim to accommodate any realistic requests you make

A good cleaning company will also do their best to accommodate the requests you make, as long as the things you ask for are reasonable. For example, if you have noticed, when cleaning your home by yourself, that you can remove pet hair from your carpets more effectively with a rubber-bristled sweeping brush than with a vacuum, the cleaning company should be happy to use this brush instead (you may, however, have to let the cleaner do this task for a bit longer, as using the brush instead of the vacuum will take more time).

Likewise, a great cleaning business will gladly accommodate your request to, for instance, wash out your dog's food bowls or dust and disinfect their crate during their cleaning session, as long as the items in question are not extremely dirty and won't take a very long time to clean. Working with a cleaning business that is flexible and accommodating should make your experience of using their services far more satisfactory and enjoyable.

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