Office Cleaning: Three Overlooked Tips for Your Commercial Space

Keeping your commercial space clean can be a challenge. Therefore, it is advisable to choose professional office cleaning services to ease the stress. This will ensure that your workspace is free of dirt and clutter and will allow you to focus on your business. Alternatively, you can hire an in-house cleaner to handle your sanitation and hygiene needs. Regardless of the chosen approach, you must keep in mind that there are certain aspects of office cleaning which are often overlooked. Here are some critical tips to help you deal with these common problems.

Clean the Computer

Computers and other electronics are not always cleaned thoroughly during regular cleaning sessions. As a result, it is not uncommon for these units to have layers of dust on the surfaces. Moreover, when grime and debris accumulate, the function of the appliances might be compromised. Therefore, you should plan for the regular clean-up of your computers. Soft rags and dusters can be used to eliminate dust from the equipment and other electronics and appliances. It is also worthwhile to consider special tools for special cleaning tasks, like keyboard brushes.  

Check the Plants

You should keep an eye on your office plants. Decorative plants can give commercial spaces a fresh look. However, if they are neglected and become dirty, they will be an eyesore. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the plants clean by washing the leaves to eliminate dust and grime. You can perform this task when watering the plants. Alternatively, your cleaner can wipe down the foliage with a damp cloth. You should also ensure that the containers or pots holding the plants are in a good state. In addition, plan for trimming and sweeping around the plants to prevent overgrowth and accumulation of debris.

Wash the Carpets

The carpeting in the office must not be neglected. Cleaning this feature is often problematic because of the time required for the task. However, if you fail to perform this task, dirt will accumulate in the pile and the indoor air quality will be compromised. You can prevent the quick build-up of dirt by vacuuming the carpeting regularly. You will also need to plan for deep cleaning. This process can involve steam cleaning or other, similar approaches. Drying might take a while, so you should consider your timeline carefully before scheduling this task.

Finally, you should think about de-cluttering and organising the paperwork in your office. Where possible, establish policies on keeping a tidy work environment for the universal comfort of the employees. 

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