Follow These Pro Tips When Cleaning Your Leather Sofa

Classic leather is one of the most elegant materials that you can choose for your upholstery. However, stains and spills can ruin the appearance of your leather upholstery, especially when they are not properly cleaned. These small stains degrade the appearance and quality of your sofa over the years, and it ends up looking older than it should.

The best way to maintain your leather upholstery is by hiring a professional to help you remove stains. Besides, there are a few ways in which you can pre-treat the stains to minimise the damage during the stain removal process. Here are three pro tips to follow.

Tips on Disinfecting Your Leather Couch

One of the easiest ways to disinfect a leather sofa is by using a mixture of water and vinegar. Here, you start by eliminating dust, soil and other loose particles that might be stuck on the couch using a vacuum.

Mix equal amount of vinegar and water and dip a clean and soft cleaning cloth into the solution. Remove the cloth after some time and start wiping down the dirty parts of the sofa. After wiping the muddy parts, take a dry cloth and remove any excess moisture from all parts of the sofa. You can also hire seasoned leather upholstery cleaners who understand the best way to clean and disinfect the couch.

How to Deal With an Ink Stain on the Sofa

Ink stains are among the nastiest and most difficult to remove. When you have created an ink stain on your sofa, hire cleaning service providers to have it removed as fast as possible.

Before you get in touch with the professional upholstery cleaners, apply a small amount of alcohol to the ink spot with a cotton ball. Continuously dab the ink stain with the alcohol until the area is clean. If the ink has spread, use fresh rubbing alcohol on a fresh ball to manage the stain.

Dealing With Grease Stains

Grease stains are also quite common in leather upholstery. The grease comes from sources such as the food that you eat. The easiest way to minimise the damage caused by a grease stain is pouring baking soda over it and letting it sit for some time.

When the soda has absorbed all the grease, take a soft cloth and remove it. This process will leave you with a clean sofa. If the stain persists, involve professionals because they have the right products to clean different types of stains.

These are the three crucial emergency cleaning tips to follow when your sofa gets a stain. Remember to contact a professional leather upholstery cleaning service to handle the real cleaning, remove the stain and prevent damage to the leather.

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