Are You Using The Right Pressure-Washing Tactics?

Pressure washing can seem like an expensive task if you do not understand the benefits it offers. But in reality, pressure washing needs to be part of your home maintenance routine. Your home's exterior is exposed to harsh conditions that contribute to its discolouring and damage. Pressure washing is an effective way to clean your house's exterior. However, you can make mistakes that hinder the effectiveness of the process. Here are some errors to avoid when pressure washing your home.

Using Inconsistent Pressure

The first thing you do before power washing is choosing the pressure washer and attachment ideal for the project. After you have found the right tools, you should ensure that you use them in the right way. Keep your nozzle perpendicular to the surface you are cleaning. Also, ensure that you use a steady motion to avoid getting zebra stripes. That happens when you use different pressures when cleaning. You should also follow the manufacturer's safety procedures. 

Failing To Let the Soap Soak

Some surfaces can have stubborn stains that require the use of detergents. If you are using detergents on the surface, allow it to soak for a few minutes. The soap needs enough time to attach to the stains and lift them. That way, the dirt will come off when rinsing. It is advisable to leave the soap for about five minutes. 

Using Too Much Pressure

Most homeowners also make the mistake of overindulging the pressure. Over-pressurised water can lead to various issues. For instance, too much power can lead to scraping off part of your wood decking. Such damage causes accumulation of moisture. Once wood accumulates moisture, mildew will begin growing and it will rot. If you are not sure of the right amount of pressure to use, call the experts for assistance. 

Failing To Clean the Driveway

Many people forget to clean the driveway when they are power-washing their home's exterior. One thing you should note is that the pathway can collect a lot of contaminants and stains. If you do not attend to these elements, then it may cause your driveway to crack and deteriorate. Always remember to wash your driveway as you clean the other outside parts of your house.

Ignoring To Make a Plan

Lastly, most people do not make a plan of how they will pressure wash their property. It is good to have an outline of the steps you will follow until the process is complete. Otherwise, you will end up with more work. For instance, cleaning the windows should be the last thing, or they will end up with debris from washing the sliding.

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