Two Tips for Those Who Plan to Have Their Antique Shops Cleaned

If you are finding it harder and harder to keep your antique shop clean and have made the decision to get some help from a commercial cleaning business, you should take the following advice into consideration.

Give the cleaners a bit more time to clean than you estimate they'll actually need

When the manager of the cleaning service asks you how much time you want their commercial cleaners to spend working in your antique shop, you should add 20 or 30 minutes to the amount of time you estimate they will need for this task. This is because although it might technically be possible for them to do everything you ask them to within an amount of time, you must ensure that they do not have to rush in order to finish their work within this time period.

There are two reasons why it's important that they don't rush. Firstly, the cleaners will need to work fairly slowly when dusting your shop's antique wares in order to ensure that they do not break these delicate and valuable items and to ensure that they clean thoroughly. Many antiques are highly ornate and have lots of dusty crevices, and it will take time to fully remove this dust.

Secondly, most antique shops tend to have a very large number of antiques that are displayed in an artfully disorganised fashion, with goods stacked in tall piles and balanced somewhat unsteadily on tables and shelves. If this is the case in your shop, your cleaners will need to be able to work at a slow pace in order to avoid bumping into and knocking over heavy antiques and then being hurt when these goods fall onto them.

Ensure that they only ever dust the furniture and homewares in your shop

Whilst the floors on which your customers walk and the countertop where they pay for their goods will need to be sanitised with bleach or alcohol-based cleaning products, it is crucial to ensure that the commercial cleaners only ever use damp or dry dust cloths on the antique furniture, homewares and books in your shop. This will prevent the delicate and ageing materials from which your antiques are made from being stained or even dissolved by these strong chemicals.

You should not assume that they will already know this, as a lot of commercial cleaning service providers always use the aforementioned antibacterial products. For more information, contact a commercial cleaning service.

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